I help start-up and other businesses with their final packaging needs. Start-up businesses and other businesses developing fabulous new product lines often devote so much time and energy to the development of their products, that the final packaging gets overlooked until the last minute. My business is to get them successfully through the process of designing their final pack to comply with all of the many aspects of ensuring safe, secure delivery of your precious new product to your intended customers.
There are often many confusing aspects to consider with your final pack.
Understanding who your expected customer is or will be, is very important.
Then understanding the interaction of your inner packaging, in its many forms, with the outer packaging, is also very important.
How do you plan to pack your product into the outer packaging?
Will you require printed detail on the packaging?
Do you understand how important the information shown on your outer pack will contribute to your marketing and other compliance of your product?
Are there any perishable considerations?
How many units of outer packaging will you require?
How will you find the best supplier and achieve the best price?
How will you receive delivery from your packaging supplier?
How will you transport your product to your customer?
These are some of the many considerations required when finalising your outer packaging.
My many years of private consulting to Australian box businesses and their diverse customers, added to the many years before that, of working in the box making industry, provide me with the skills required to fulfill your needs to establishing your outer packaging.
My service provides all of the above, plus determining a suitable outer packaging supplier, gaining pricing and samples then referral to the selected supplier, to complete your ordering process.
I welcome your enquiries by phone or text to 0417 293 702 or email to boxologist.ron@gmail.com
We can then discuss your needs and I will provide you with a firm cost for my service.