Boxologist of Boxology, Ron Mines FAIP, has worked in the packaging industry since 1967, primarily in boxes and paper, while developing a strong interest in primary packaging and it’s relationship to outer packaging.

Boxologist of Boxology

Ron is Director of RM Boxology P/L, his consulting company, as well as Director of Aussie Pack n Ship®™. This business markets packaging optimisation software and provides technical support to the packaging industry.

Being inducted as a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) was a significant high point of his career. As well, the experience of being the National Secretary of the AIP for 5 years, was very rewarding.

RM Boxology P/L and it’s previous incarnations, have been operating successfully since 1999, when Ron resigned from Visy Board, in the position of NSW Technical Manager, and commenced his consulting business.

Ron’s list of past and current clients includes Visy Board, The Packaging Company, Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP), Australian Pulp and Paper Industry Technical Association (APPITA), Zacpac Australasia, Northwest Packaging, McPherson Packaging, Global Packaging, Sheldon & Hammond, Sei Pak (Aust), Carter Holt Harvey, Oji Fibre Solutions, Arex Engineering, JAG Aust Engineering, Integra Packaging, Beyond Packaging, STI Lilyfield, Temple & Webster, Thompson POS, CCP, Oceanic Agencies, Jobfish, Ozpak, Directus, Barros Labs,  Metalprint Australia, Austcor Packaging, Red Rich Fruits. Ubeeco, Sanico Aust, Imbibe Living, Brasco-Progenitor and Bathurst Signs.

Ron is a Cert IV Assessor / Trainer and loves developing and presenting training to suit his client’s needs.

Ron has a passion for packaging optimisation, where a client’s primary pack is examined critically to achieve the most effective shipper, palletisation and shipping container configuration.

As mentioned earlier, being the owner and Director of Aussie Pack n Ship he is closely involved in the development and sales of the packaging optimisation program Aussie PacknShip.

Another area of experience is with customer product range rationalisation. Often customers develop a large range of product packs over a period of time. Usually opportunities will be found to consolidate packs to reduce inventory, bringing valuable savings for the customer and advantages for the box supplier.

Ron helps start-up and other businesses with their final packaging needs. Start-up businesses and other businesses developing fabulous new product lines often devote so much time and energy to the development of their products, that the final packaging gets overlooked until the last minute. My business is to get them successfully through the process of designing their final pack to comply with all of the many aspects of ensuring safe, secure delivery of your precious new product to your intended customers.

His technical skills in the paper and box industry are diverse and well-recognised. His clients seek his assistance with packaging needs from assigning appropriate board grades for the task through physical testing and theoretical simulation, establishing safety factors and meeting safety factors. Dangerous Goods requirements for package testing is another area that Ron has considerable experience.

He has been called on as an expert witness and has recently completed a contract with the Supreme Court of Victoria as Special Referee.

As well, Ron has developed Safe Operating Procedures for many simple and complex processes, with associated training processes, for several clients.

He loves developing and managing client’s Integrated Management Systems for Quality, Health & Safety, Environment and more recently for Chain of Responsibility (HVNL).

Australian Packaging Covenant systems development and maintenance is another area of Ron’s specialisation.

He has been called on as Judge for Food and Beverage Magazine’s annual Food Awards in recent years.

Ron welcomes any contracting enquiries. He may be contacted at:

Mob 61 417 293 702


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